highlights #80

Happy one week till Christmas!  Surprisingly enough all my Christmas shopping is done and wrapped and under the tree.  Not a normal occurrence, I assure you, but done all the same.  And it feels oh so good.

What am I going to do with all this time leading up to the 25th?  Something productive I guess - while I figure that out here are some fun posts from the around the web:

digging these free gift tags! (they're on all my gifts this year!)

artsy fartsy

the correct way to spray paint - who knew?

some great product placements


the best Christmas card alternative 

I just made caramels...and now I want to make this fudge 

the cutest holiday printable

easy peasy scarf DIY

I want (need?) this dress (& it's 50% off right now with free shipping so...justifying??)

and the perfect holiday home front


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