highlights #79

So, it's been rather chilly around here lately - and I do mean legitimately chilly, not just wimpy California chilly.  When you wake up and it's 36˚ outside I think that qualifies as actually being cold.  Of course my weather feed tells me it's 0˚ in Utah so of course they win, but that was a given.  And, in case you were wondering, I love it.  I've actually worn coats the past week (they take up so much closet space they better get some annual use) and boots and scarfs too!  Dave thinks I'm crazy, but I sure miss a good winter snowstorm.  I love California, but part of me hopes we will one day end up somewhere the leaves turn red in autumn and it dumps buckets of snow in December. 

While I dream (and go make more paper snowflakes to compensate), here are some fun finds from the web:

this seems appropriate: the LA arctic chill!

how to get more out of your perfume

I'm digging this temple print - this one too!

the best salt & pepper shakers

a moment of carefree-ness


the difference between seniors & freshmen

tips for healthier nails (must...resist..cutting...cuticles!)

I love these prints (especially Day 3)

and the world's best finger painting


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