a holly jolly weekend

There's nothing more Christmasy than making treats to pass out to friends (and visiting/home teachees) and family coming to hear you sing Christmas songs in your stake choir.  Both were done this weekend, and both were festive successes - the caramel only barely so, but I'm still calling it a win.

On Friday I decided to be incredibly daring and try my hand at this homemade caramel recipe.  Gutsy indeed.  It was fair battle, and the caramel almost had me beat when it decided it was going to need a bigger pot than I had anticipated right in the middle of my 30 minutes of pouring/stirring, but we persevered.  And the end result?  Not too shabby my friends, not too shabby at all.  Lets be honest, I'm just really happy they're edible and that it's not too hard to clean spilled caramel off my stove.

As the cherry on top of the weekend, both Toblers & Nemrows were able to make it to hear Dave and I sing in our stake's annual Christmas choir on Saturday night.  Side note, one of the perks of living so close to the entertainment hub of the nation is that we've got a whole lot of talented folks right at our finger tips.  A full orchestra and Richard Rich as our conductor?  I'm not complaining.  But it was even more fun to have all our family there to enjoy it with us. 

They even stayed to hear Dave and I sing a duet the next morning in our ward (count it: that's 4 performances this weekend - I'm pooped).  What great folks we have.  We're pretty lucky like that.  And now it's just a week & a half til Christmas!  Where, oh where does the time go? 

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