In the past week I:
a) Got a new phone case.  Finally!  Poor little blue anchor case was on his last leg...and was starting to disintegrate so...time to go.
b) Had a lot of time to myself at night with Dave getting home later in the PM.  Cue chocolate ice cream, How I Met Your Mother episodes, and pedicures.  This job change might not be good for my waistline...
c) Ate a lot of Nutella.  We ran out of bananas kinda fast over here...
d) And I finally got to see David's office!  He will most often be out and about doing audits, but it was fun to see where home base is from now on.  Thanks for the new job E&Y!

We also watched the BYU v Utah game over at the Owen's home on Saturday night.  It could have been such a better game, and we tried to distract ourselves by playing dominoes, but Dave would have none of it.  He cheered on the cougars til the bitter, bitter end.  And looked like this a lot of the time (aka, every time Hill tried to make a pass):

They tried Dave....they really tried. 

Oh, and I almost killed my phone on Saturday night.  The bathroom is no place for electronics.  Let it be known: the wet phone in a bag of rice trick actually works.  File that one away for future use.

And now the boy is off to Kentucky for the week doing his first big audit, and I have come down to be with the fam in Orange County.  No need to be home all alone for a whole week, right?
My thoughts exactly.  

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