vista hunting

After our fun day in San Fran we came back and crashed at Stephen's house.  A day of walking up and down those hills surely did a number on us and putting heels on the next day for church was only a little torturous.  After our fair share of Sunday naps we hit the park for a friendly game of extreme Bocce Ball.

Let it be known that I creamed those two boys in the first round.  Not to brag or anything.

Steve then took us up in the hills (mountains?) behind Cupertino and Saratoga.  It was lovely curvy mountain drive and when we got to the top we had a stunning view of the whole valley at sunset.

It was such a pretty place that we decided to keep exploring.  We drove up and down those mountain roads until we turned the corner and found this:

It was just one of those perfect pictures (that my iPhone doesn't do justice to).  Beautiful golden hills coming out of this sea of clouds topped off with a sunset like a cherry perched on a ice cream sundae.  It was glorious.  We stayed there as long as the light held and just soaked in that view.

It was a Sunday full of lovely views and it basically made us fall in love with Northern California.  Watch out Bay Area, the Nemrows will be back.

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