highlights #67

So for the past week Dave and I have been up and down the state of California.  Literally.  We've been down to San Diego and up to San Fransisco and driven a lot of the coastline in between.  Posts to come of our adventures at Apple's campus in Cupertino, exploring San Fran, and driving through Big Sur.  But today is a much needed day of rest; full of cleaning the house, doing a spot of laundry, taking care of real life things (like bills and doctor's appointments, yuck), and watching a lot of The Amazing Race (which we just found out is ALL on HuluPlus.  SCORE). 

So this is a major veg day and I am sooooo ok with that.  Because tomorrow we'll be headed right back down to Orange County for a long weekend full of beach days and celebrate my little sis's b-day. 

While I go change out the laundry here are a few fun finds:

THIS is such a beautiful wedding dress and such a fun story behind it - read it (I want her easy, breezy, beautiful hair too!)

how Cali looks like everywhere in the world

some sunshine for Norway

looks like a delish dessert - a la mode for me please!

so that's how you do that braid...

speaking of hairstyles, these look fool proof (and cool cool cool)

this shadow theatre group is AMAZING

And I know the hype has died down for the little King of England to be, but his birth certificate is kind of great


P.S. As long as we're talking about London...these are great too

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