a day on the lake

It's been far too long since I've spent an afternoon on the lake, and it felt oh so good.  The boys went out earlier Tuesday morning and did some serious wake surfing (which I'm terrible at, by the by) and the ladies spent the morning at the cabin enjoying some girl time.

And who wouldn't want to just lounge around this cabin??? Get a load of that view!  We were doing just fine.

We met up for lunch in the afternoon and had some good times.

And when I say good times I do mean besides the fact that somehow my eyes stopped producing tears of any kind while we were out there basically rendering me blind for most of the afternoon.  Thank goodness for sunglasses, Visine, and a steamy shower back at the cabin.  Lesson learned.  I will now carry eye drops with me wherever I go.

An extra thank goodness for sunglasses.  My eyes are most definitely closed or extremely squinty (more so than normal ;) in every one of these pictures.  But we had a great time and made it off the lake before the sky decided split open.

Take me back to the lake!  I could cruise around on that boat all day...

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