So Wednesday night, my Laurels were so darn cute and threw me a birthday party!  I love planning parties with one condition: that they are not my own, so it was so cute to show up and see streamers strung, banners made, and a lovely birthday crown to wear all night.

Delicious homemade birthday cake was eaten, sherbert was supplied (my favorite!), prom was discussed, dresses were shown, boys were texted, and happy birthday was sung.  It was a great success.

Oh!  And I BAKED!  You really ought to be proud of me.  I made these babies and two days later...they are almost all gone.  Don't worry Dave and I didn't eat them all by our selves - we shared (sort of).

Come on it sugar cookies and pink frosting.  I didn't stand a chance.

Thanks for a great night my lovely Laurels! 

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Annastasia Richardson said...

Happy Birthday!!
Also this is dangerous. I want to make that recipe now, but I'm afraid to for fear that I will end up eating them all, much too quickly.