Last weekend was the first weekend in December and I wanted us to jump in with both feet, even though yes, I have been listening to Christmas music on 103.5 since two weeks before Thanksgiving - whatever.  So to start the season off with a bang we packed a whole bucket-load of holiday celebrating into one weekend:

First we went and saw the lights at the LA temple.  I became very fond of going to Temple Square in Salt Lake to see the lights when we lived in Utah, so it's really very fun to have another temple close by that goes all out for Christmas.

And P.S. we were the ONLY people taking a stroll around the grounds.  I don't know if we just missed the crowds or it was too early in December (ahem, the 1st) for people to be thinking about seeing the lights?  I have no idea, but we had the whole place to ourselves, which was pretty fun.

After our moonlit stroll and Chipotle for dinner, we made our way down to the Pantages theatre in Hollywood to see Straight No Chasers - an a capella group that favored us with everything from Adele to Silent Night - it was a good time.  Also this was probably the first performance I've ever been to when I was completely and totally on time.  I mean we arrived before they were even letting people in the theatre.  A new accomplishment for me.

Lastly, on Saturday night we jetted down to Orange County to be with the fam and go see A Christmas Carol at South Coast Repertoire.  This is one of my FAVORITE Christmas traditions and I'm so glad we currently live close enough to be able to enjoy it.

And that was our first VERY Christmasy December weekend.  We're trying to live up to that same amount of holiday cheer this weekend, and with the ward Christmas party tonight we just might be able to...more on that later.

Happy December everybody!

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