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Sometimes life gets crazy, and when that happens . . . I don't really blog.  Much.  At all.

But I don't want to forget about Thanksgiving, so let's go back to last weekend and recap.  Wednesday night we grabbed the red eye to Columbus, Ohio and got in to our hotel at 6:30ish in the morning.  Crazy?  Yes.  Worth it.  Of course.  It's also worth mentioning that we got some great marriage advice from the friendly Delta employee who checked us in, security at LAX felt it necessary to pat down the huge bun on top of my head, and David's sinuses almost exploded when we landed in Ohio.  It was quick an eventful night.

After stumbling in to our Resident Inn, we grabbed a quick hour nap and then David headed off to the turkey bowl and the girls and I started making Thanksgiving dinner at Brendan and Megan's house.

The next day (after only a handful of hours of sleep again), Brendan and Megan showed us around some of the quaintest part of Columbus including Powell and German town, which were wonderful.  I've been a big fan of the mid-west since Christopher and Kristin moved to Indiana, but I'm officially a huge fan after this trip.  Maybe it's just because I'm missing the seasons down here in California, and I really loved getting to wear my boots, coats, and scarves again, but Ohio is pretty great.  We explored cute little boutiques, drank hot chocolate, wandered through a huge maze of a bookshelf, and took LOTS of pictures.

After a day of exploring Ohio we went to COSI, Columbus's science museum, and saw Body Works, which our boys, both in medical school, more or less geeked out over.  The rest of us thought it was pretty cool too.

And then the next morning we played a few more rounds of Carcassonne, the boys studied for their upcoming boards and midterms, and we all just enjoyed the time we had together.

And that was our weekend!  It was too fast, too tired, and too much fun.  I wish we could go back and do it all again.

Family is the best.

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