highschool throwback

This weekend was fun for lots of reasons, but mostly it was fun because I got to do the whole homecoming shindig with my little sister.  She was, hands down, the classiest girl at that dance.

Their dance theme was a Star Wars Clone-coming, and they were good sports and did Jedi Knight poses for me - thanks kids.  I gotta tell you, it was so fun to be on the other side of the camera this time around.  I might have gotten a little shutter-crazy, but they were up for it, and I couldn't help myself. 

It was at their after party that I started to feel old, though.  They showed up with sore feet and a lot of adrenalin for us to feed them pancakes and a whole lot of sugar . . . but then what?  I turned to my mom and asked, "Um . . . what do we do?"  Till then I'd always been the kid AT the party, not the chaperone.  That was pretty weird.  Honestly, I was tuckered out and ready for bed by 10, but they partied hard till midnight and we had to stay up and supervise.  Who knew being the grown-up would be so tiresome? 

It's for things like these that I am really loving living close to home for - just being able to pop down for the weekend when we want to be there.  Honestly, I'd rather hang out with my family than do most anything so we are soaking up the close proximity while we can.  Now if only the rest of the Tobler clan would pick it up and move closer I'd really be happy . . .


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