highlights no.54

Hey team - things have been getting a little busy over at the Nemrow casa today what with me training for my new job and being in charge of mutual tonight at church (managing the Beehive class no less), so that is why this highlights post is coming to you at 10 in the PM.  Better late than never, right?  Sometimes that's my life motto.

And, YES - you read that right!  I got myself a J-O-B!  It only took 4ish months and a few pity pleas, but I finally found something that will work (and I didn't even have to beg for it).  I'll be spending my days (and a few evenings) with these lovely people from now on and, honestly, I'm just really excited to get out of the house - I can only reorganize our closet so many times, ya know?

In other news, both David and I are very excited for this coming weekend for two different reasons - him to go to the Notre Dame/ BYU game this Saturday in Indiana with the Tobler boys, and me to go HOME for a weekend full of girl time, good food, and getting my little sis ready for here homecoming dance on Saturday night!  I can't wait.  We're both itching for it to be Thursday night already so we can make the trek down to Orange County and start having fun!  While we wait, here are some posts from around the web :

the most common lies

some great tips for staying svelte

guilty as charged (I definitely said wonky the other day after reading this)


the CUTEST proposal - after David's, of course (he had the perfect plan, you know)

a deadly utensil

is this really considered vintage?  I owned a folder with those ballerina bunnies on it in elementary school. . .

a great Halloween costume - and this one too
          (does anyone else remember those lazer beam backgrounds in their school pictures?)

the prettiest pumpkins

finally, a translation 

this room looks SO cool


what?? the best of both worlds - product here

this looks like the best museum . . . ever

I will be seeing THIS movie

AND . . . this is amazing - we love corgis over at this house - one day we will get one and name him Watson



Chelsie Clarke said...

hahha a few of my good friends have done that door/old ladies halloween costume for the past few years!! absolutely hilarious!

Christy said...

Congrats on the job, that is so exciting. What will you be doing in the dentistry office? Enjoy pampering you sis for the big dance. Love you guys!

Jordan and Laura said...

Congrats on finding a job, Carly! I'm getting a little nervous for when I graduate because I'll be on the job hunt. Not exciting. Also- that proposal was amazing! The best part is that I've been to all of the places (besides the fancy hotel)! It was done in my hometown and I know one of the girls involved in the proposal! Too funny. And gosh, the cutest thing. Hope you're doing well! Enjoy dolling your sister up for the dance!