date night

David turned to me yesterday and said, "Carly, will you go on a date with me tonight?  We can go try out Chi Chi's Pizza and maybe get a Redbox?"

Now this is a normal-ish Friday night activity for us (except we usually try to save a few pennies and make homemade pizza instead), but it was the fact that he asked me out on a date that really got me.  There used to be something so fun about being single and getting a call from a cute boy to go on a date - it was exciting!  Of course it's still fun to plan activities with my husband and of course we enjoy the time we spend together, but this was extra fun.

He opened my doors because we were on a date (he does that anyway by the way).

He wouldn't let me see the bill because we were on a date.

He took care of the movie because we were on a date.

It was pretty darling.

All in all it was a great night with lots of pizza and root-beer and some fine claymation entertainment.  We were satisfied.

P.S. We give Chi Chi's a 5 outta 10, maybe a 6 - we weren't really wowed by any means.  The hunt for the best pizza place in Santa Clarita will continue.

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