hello again

The funny thing about Monday is that every weekend I seem to get so used to having David around and all to myself.  We spend all Friday night, Saturday, & Sunday together and then Monday inevitably comes back around and. . .he goes right back to work.  You'd think I'd be kind of used to it by now, but it continues to surprise me every week.

Sunday was especially delightful this weekend with an impromptu trip down to Orange County to have Sunday dinner with my dad - the rest of the fam is out in the the mid-west having fun without the 3 of us so we decided to have our own little party.  I made THIS easy peesey crock-pot dinner over rice and dad made us up a delicious salad.  And of course we also whipped up some deviled eggs in honor of our family Fast Sunday tradition.  It was delightful - we love you dad!

Anywho - the plan is for this week to be full of job searching, house cleaning/ organizing/ decorating, and (you guessed it) plenty of the Olympics :)


Monday via Top Rebel
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