So far, Craigslist has done well by us.  We've gotten a lovely kitchen table, dresser, and mirror with help from Craig, however, there are a few things I've learned whilst perusing his listings:

1. There are some really, REALLY great deals to be found online

2. If you want to find those deals - congratulations - you've now got yourself a new full-time job

3. While working this full-time job you will soon come to recognize the handiwork of some less than desirable sellers (here's looking at you "rustic furniture" from Redondo Beach)

4.  Decent, matching bedside tables are quite difficult to come by

5. No, another coat of paint won't make that dresser look any better - just walk away

and 6. All wicker furniture should be banned from existence.  Period.  No excuses.

P.S. Did you know there's a "show image" button you can press to see a thumbnail picture next to each listing?  It's right underneath the search box.
World. Rocked.

Picture via Apartment Therapy
Found via Pinterest


Annie said...

All of these are so true! And I especially agree with #6. Wicker is a no-no.

Kristin said...

Oh man, Show Images changed my life too. So many fewer unnecessary click-throughs! I feel like a terrible sister-in-law for not passing along that life knowledge. I'm so glad you're doing it for others.