Sunday dinners

David and I are definitely missing the big Nemrow-clan Sunday dinners back in Provo, but we're making up for it around here with our own little Sunday dinners for two.  I love being in the kitchen with David (which doesn't happen too much any more), and on Sundays we have the whole the afternoon together to prep and cook - it's a hoot. 

Last night we tried THIS recipe and, although it could use some tweaks (less thyme, always less thyme), we gave it at least a 7 out of 10, and are planning to give it another go with our improvements.  Perhaps it will make it up to the 9 range eventually. . .

Also, please notice that David was a dear and set out our little vase of fake flowers for the occasion - we're pretty high-to-do around here, you know.

And we topped the night off with Life Is Beautiful - have you ever seen that film?  It's lovely, AND it's on Netflix - double lovely.


Katrina said...

I tried this recipe once too. We did not love it either. And I was too lazy to make improvements. Let me know if things do, indeed, improve! :)

Carly Michelle said...

Ok, you're a much better cook than I am Katrina - you're making me feel better about our lack of success with this dish. I'll let you know if it turns out better next time!