Have I ever told you my floral design class is the best?  I'm pretty sure I have (like 15 times), but it's still true.

Our latest assignment was to make an "everlasting design," aka a fake flower arrangement, and I've had my eye on THIS DIY for a while now.

Hellooo excuse to decorate the apartment.
I love it.

David has deemed them a little Dr. Seuss-esqe (specifically something out of The Lorax), and I've decided to take that as a compliment.

P.S. We're seeing The Hunger Games tonight - so excited.


Kathleen said...

I love these little flowers! Are they the ones your were making out of ribbon? They turned out adorable

Chelsie Clarke said...

Your apt is TOO CUTE! Killin me. What is this clipboard masterpiece behind your adorable flowers?!

F as in Frank said...

Those looks awesome!

Carly Michelle said...

Hey Chelsie! The white-frame behind there is from home and I recently spruced it up and put some postcards in it I've collected from my travels - so glad you like it.

And thanks guys!