the noobies

Ever since we've moved into this little postage stamp I've been trying to get things up on the walls - who knew it would be so hard??

Note to self: always bring picture measurement with you to the store, no matter where you're going - I can't remember them for my life.

Lesson learned.

But I've made some progress!  We got some noobies up this weekend:

Our little living room wall is getting so full!  I'm so proud of her.

The new guys:

{A} I've had the darling map of London since, well, I got back from London - we're talking spring of 2010...unacceptable.
In my defense it's a ridiculously weird size - 16.5 x 12''?  Who makes frames to fit that?

{B} And that darling camera print?  It'll be year this Christmas.  She's 8x10, I don't even have a good excuse.  She's been propped up on my desk in her plastic wrap all this time - it's nice to finally show her off.

{C} Lastly I don't feel too bad about our little chalkboard - we found that frame at Savers and finally got around to painting, cleaning (it was grey when we bought it) and hanging it.
 I'm rather fond of it.

Hope you had a lovely Sunday - cheers!

P.S. - Soon we'll be adding these darling pillows to our couch - our pillow shams are almost done pulling double-duty!  WOOHOO!

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Kristin said...

Your wall looks so cute! I was so excited to see the camera print, I'm so glad you like it :) It's a stunner in that frame, way to go. <3