it's true

I love Townhouse cookies...you know, the ones with the ridiculous amount of frosting?  
Love 'em.
Granny B's will do as well.

I check my backseat every time I get in the car by myself.
Also behind the shower curtain in the bathroom.  Every time.

I put milk on my ice cream.

I make weird faces when I take my makeup off at night.

I can't sleep without setting my alarm clock.

I've self diagnosed myself as a mild hypochondriac. 

And I prefer my Mint Milanoes frozen.
But you must only eat one at a time -it's just the way things are.

Also I'm pretty good at procrastinating.

What finals?
Those don't start until Tuesday.

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The Van De Graaffs said...

oh my gosh. most of these things sum up me!! I always check the back seat of my car and the shower. EVERY TIME!! And I make weird faces when I wash my make up off at night too!!!!! Hahaha, too funny!