around the house

Isn't Christmasing the best?  Around our house the boys have enjoyed reliving childhood boardgames, catapults and all:

Yes, we broke out the Christmas puzzles - it wouldn't be the holidays without them:

And of course we've been making a gingerbread house.  
And taking pictures.  Lots & lots of pictures. (Have I mentioned I self-appointmented myself to photo document this entire holiday?  Because I have.)

& (drum roll please...)
the finished product:

Also it was Bella's b-day today (who even keeps track of things like these?) - We affectionately call her our perpetual 3-year old due to her HUGE lack of self control.  Don't worry, we love her anyway.

Stay tuned for Balboa Christmas lights (if you can stand the visual overload)!  


Chelsie Clarke said...

Hahaha! Catapults!! I used to play that as a kid with my brothers! Amazing, totally forgot about that game. Also, increeeeedible gingerbread house! My gosh! Love the shingles.

Christa Jeanne said...

That is perhaps the best non-professional gingerbread house I have ever seen! Not that I would expect anything less from Team Tobler. Nice work!