highlights no.11

You've gotta watch this Ralph Lauren 4D projection - it will blow your mind!

This Anthro-inspired lampshade is on my "to-make" list

How darling is this personalized canvas?

6 ways to tie a scarf

Vocal Point's performance on The Sing Off - "Every Little Step" - aren't they just so stinkin' cute?

Sweet Paul Magazine - "Big Cookies in A Small World"

10 Christmas gifts in a jar

DIY Valentines light bulb - too cute

Red-orange lipstick - the color that looks good on everyone?

Oversized frame hanger - I love this idea

TWO ingredient lemon bars (I must try these)

I blog of party inspiration themes! 

25 seconds of the cutest cat you've probably ever seen

How to make perfect pop-up lettering

And lastly, this wedding is darling, but scroll down and read the part about their QUILT - it's the cutest RSVP I've ever heard of

xo & happy almost Thanksgiving!

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