extra extra!

Look who made the front page!

My old roommate is in charge of putting together BYU's Bridal Guide magazine and she needed a picture for the cover so of course I told her she was welcome to choose from any of our wedding pictures and...

Presto cover girl!

I also might have picked up 5 copies yesterday to send to friends and family...and felt really weird about it while cramming them into my purse and running out of the building before anyone could see me.

In other news I got the sweetest package from my mom today.  

In 2005 (a whopping 6 years ago) I wrote a few letters to my future husband:

Apparently when I was 14 I had dreams of becoming an interior decorator (I forgot about that ambition) and I dotted my exclamation points with little hearts.

I talked about how I wanted him to propose ("in a cute way" - I wasn't quite particular), where we would live (I had my heart set on California back then) and what I thought he would look like (tall, dark & handsome).

Too funny.

But also too fun to read with my man all these years later.

I am officially a fan of time capsules.

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Christa Jeanne said...

I always knew you had cover model quality, Mrs. Carly. Can't wait to dash over to campus and snag a few copies! I always grab the yearly guide - the way it's the SAME stories year after year cracks me up - but this will be way more fun with you on the cover!!!