5 days of thanksgiving

Christmas gets 12 days so I figured Thanksgiving deserves a few days as well, don't you think?

(I've seen some bloggers doing 30 days of Thanksgiving - these people are my heroes.  Also they are overachievers)

Day #1
Today I am thankful for:
seasons (noun)
eg. spring, summer, autumn, winter 
Also one of my favorite things about living in Utah.

 Here are my reasons:
1) Seasons allow me to have two wardrobes - one for warm weather & and one for cold weather.  I feel like I have new clothes in my closet when the snow melts and I get to pull out a whole new set of t-shirts, skirts & sandals.

2) Seasons actually correspond with the holidays.  It's brisk in the November for Thanksgiving.  There's snow in December for Christmas. Etc etc.

3) Seasons make me so much more grateful for warm weather.  There is almost nothing better than when the snow FINALLY melts (sometimes in June, but I digress) and you can finally feel the warmth of the sun on your face.

I will miss the season's dearly when we move ourselves down to LA at the end of the school year - good thing Dave's family still lives up here so we'll be able to visit and give me a chance to put my plethora of ridiculously warm coats to good use (they'll be a bit much for LA's perpetual 72 degrees).

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