Sometimes life is crazy.

Then I got  

And, somehow, life got crazier.

So, to escape from all the madness, David and I decided to run away to the North Shore of Hawaii for a week.

We thought about
we worried about  
and we didn't touch our computers barely
at all.

It was bliss.

So excited to be in HAWAII!!

Post getting massages: 
best decision we ever made

We bought a pie here that took us all week to eat...good idea?
Maybe not...

Super Mario gummies = our beach staple.

Our patio was such a lovey place to eat breakfast

Kau 'aina pineapple burgers...take me back

Watching the sunset at Sunset Beach

We miss you already, Hawaii.
Now back to real life...


P.S. Some of these pictures were taken on the same day...I promise David didn't wear one red shirt the entire time


Kristin said...

These pictures made me so happy, probably because you guys look like you're beyond cloud nine. Seriously your faces are just the most effortlessly happy honeymoony faces I've ever seen, and I love it the most. And there's a noticeable little shift, it's like you can tell you guys are married! Ack. The cutest. Love you Carly! Love you too, David!

Kathleen said...

Ditto to everything Kristin wrote!