the facts are these:

I'm done with classes for fall semester.
Christmas shopping is looming at me on the horizon.
I daydream about London.
I am avoiding the mall at all costs until January.
I'm growing my hair out.
I'm trying to grow my hair out.
I'm so happy the snow hasn't stuck yet.
Being done with a 20-page paper and a 60-page project feels pretty good.
The best place to read is in front of the fireplace.
 I've been listening to Christmas music non-stop for the last 8 days and plan to for the next 17.
I admit to being a blog stalker.
Bananas & peanut butter are necessary.
I hate airports.
I pop my knuckles 5+ times a day.
Dancing in the kitchen and cheek kisses are the best.
I never raise my hand in class (today was an exception).
I don't know how to whistle.
I make lots of lists.
I live in socks September-March.
I really don't like wearing socks.  
I fall asleep to Kenny G.
Sometimes I make up big words. 
I hum when I do the dishes.
I take most things too literally.

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