highlights #58

So, thus far, most of this week has been spent trying to get us organized over here...digitally that is.  The house could use a little TLC, but pictures, music, desktop, you name it, I'm up to my eyeballs in it.  Sorting it.  Labeling it.  Filing it.  It's a slow process.  I feel like I sit at the computer all day and then Dave comes home and the dishes are still dirty...but my laptop is making progress!  I promise!

Ah well, I can tell it's going somewhere.  In the meantime I have found only a few gems on the web this week as I'm trying to be good and really get my desktop in order so my apologies.  Enjoy!

baby's first tastes in slow motion (my fave is olive)

unexpected type

I currently want all these totes (especially the going to market one)

a recent winner in our house

THIS iPhone case

and, I know everyone has probably seen these guys already, but if you haven't smiled today, you should watch them again


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